Good Morning, Monday

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smiley.jpgYes, another Monday has arrived and with it the sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping merrily and the people are just as annoying as always. Why does Monday bring such hate? Now, don't get me wrong, Monday is definitely not my favorite day of the week. However I try my best to get through it with as little drama and crazy as possible. That's not so easy when more than half of the people around you are whining that it's yet another manic Monday. Most days leave me wondering how people breathe without having to constantly think about it, but Monday... well, I have to remember to breathe to get through it myself. Controlled breathing, so that I don't fly off the handle and beat someone with my phone or stab them with the scissors. Those things land you in bad places. And I look horrible in any prison color.

Sometimes listening to music helps. I turn on a random iHeart station on my phone in the morning to help me wake up. I listen to music through the day, especially if people are throwing their negativity around like shit hitting the fan. Most Mondays are slow for me so it seems extra hard to get through them. Everyone else is in their blah-die-blah mood and I'm just trying not to get caught in the crossfire. 

Today I can't seem to wake up though. I had my coffee. I have even eaten an orange. My sinuses are trying to drown me but I'm afraid that if I take something it will start to put me to sleep. That's the last thing I need since I already took a half a day off because of that very reason. Luckily, it is almost noon and that means it's almost over. I am so close to leaving that I can almost touch it.

I think I will be taking a little nap when I get home. Little Lady has to work today so that shouldn't be too difficult. Try to enjoy your Monday and if there is no way possible for you to do so then please do everyone around you a favor and keep your bad Monday vibes to yourself. 

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