When Life Gets Hard....

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This post will probably offend you but this is my space so I couldn't care any less if it does or not.... continue of your own free will.

A friend of mine told me their life motto and then I decided to spread it around because it just makes sense, at least for women and gay or bisexual men it does. I don't think hetero males will take it all that well if they don't have a decent sense of humor and if you don't then why are you here?

Basically her motto goes 'when life gets hard, treat it like a penis and ride it.' Now, when she said this to me at first I had to stop and think because I was like.. wait a moment, this person who is hilarious just made a funny and said something so profound with only a few words that I was rendered speechless. Then I laughed and she laughed and we hugged and went skipping about our way. Ok, so we didn't really skip...

I have a pretty good imagination and all so vividly in my head I picture her, not having sex you naughty-minded bunch, but riding a penis as if it were a raging bull. You know, like at the rodeo. I mean, take a moment and think about it, a bull-sized penis with a saddle and rope harness and you're trying to tame it long enough to win a belt buckle... yeah silly, right? But it made me laugh and it made me rethink a lot of things.

So when life gets hard, treat it like a penis and ride it. Regardless of your orientation. 

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