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Life and Love

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If all you look for in life and love is a pretty package, all you'll find is misunderstanding, loneliness and resentment. Not only in the person you are with but also within yourself.

Said by Me.

I happened to reply to a tweet about the reality shows The Bachelor/Bachelorette the other day about if they need a tv show to find love how is there hope for the rest of us. I replied "if you need to go on a tv show to show just how undateable you are that's when you're totally lost". Now, let me explain a little more. I don't watch these shows. I rarely watch reality tv at all. I hate reality tv because it's a lie. There is nothing real about it at all. However, I don't have cable and I don't have DVR or TiVo so if I watch actual television, instead of Netflix, Hulu, etc, I end up seeing commercials for these shows. Just the commercials put me off of them. There is so much drama just in the commercials it makes me want to change the channel. 

 I think a lot of what's wrong with the country we live in today is the fact that people watch these reality tv shows and think it is appropriate to act like the people do on tv. They have warnings when watching MythBusters for a reason. McDonald's had to put a warning on their hot coffee cups due to someone's stupidity. There are a lot of days I agree with the ecard/meme going around that says remove all warning labels and notices so that natural selection and common sense can take place.

To get back to the story, there was a reply made saying something along the lines of not everyone can look like me. To which I replied the first portion of my quote up top. Honestly though, if you have become a person who can't find anyone to date maybe there is something wrong with you and perhaps you need a little time being single and finding out who you are or want to become. Sometimes that might include professional help, but not always. I would recommend professional help if you're having trouble dealing with stress and anxiety about being single. 

Life isn't about to get any easier unless we learn that how we treat others and how we treat objects are two seriously confused things right now. 

Don't be the Biatch at the Beach

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westbranchbeach.jpgThat photo to the left is quite deceiving as it was an amazingly perfect beach day on Sunday. It was the first time this summer that I have gotten to go to the beach with the way the weather has been lately. I enjoy going to the beach, I really do. I get to do a little swimming. I get to float and let the waves bob me along and I get to lay on a blanket outside and close my eyes without much notice. Now, don't get me wrong. I do not sleep when I'm at the beach. There are too many people around for that sort of thing. 

Also, there are too many yelling and screaming parents accompanied by crying children as well. I just don't understand. You take kids to the beach so that you can tell them to go play and then what? You sit in your chair screaming and yelling at them to stop doing this or that. What was the point of leaving the house if you're just going to scream and yell at your kids? They just want to play in the sand. Why aren't you playing in the sand with them? They want to go swimming. Why aren't you in the water with them? Oh, right, you have to smoke that cigarrette. Or perhaps you're too tired. I just don't see the point of taking your children out into the world for any reason if all you're going to do is sit there, bitch to your friend about how much life sucks while yelling at your kids in between whining sessions. So why don't we try something new, mmmkay? The night before bringing your children, who just want to play in the sand and splash in the water, to the beach you go to bed an hour or so earlier. Maybe then you'll have the energy to swim with them and build sand castles with them instead of just yelling at them from your chair.  Why have kids if you aren't going to enjoy them?


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Salma Hayek
"Before you do anything, think. If you do something to try and impress someone, to be loved, accepted or even to get someone's attention, stop and think. So many people are busy trying to create an image, they die in the process."

While the person who is trying so hard to impress others might not die physically it may just kill them in other ways that being physically dead would be so much better than being a living embodiment of emptiness.

I am stuck at the front desk today. While I don't have an issue for the most part regarding this fact it does irk me slightly. I can't do my own work when I am up here. Luckily we haven't started the aggressive testing of a new addon to our system as of yet otherwise I would most likely end up holding everyone up today.

I don't hold anyone responsible for being stuck at the desk either. It was out of their control and I truly wish the best for them.  It's bad enough that 98% of the time I don't even want to be here.  There's so much that I have to listen to, so much that I feel I have to put up with, even things that are not directed at me in any way, it's just the way some people behave or react to things around them that put my nerves on edge.  


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