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There are several posts that I've started and haven't finished. They simply sit there in draft status and wait to be touched again. Unfortunately, most of my writing here is when I'm fuming about something or other. If I don't write it to completion, then I will probably never go back to it because I'm no longer upset or realize that it was stupid to be upset in the first place.

I have hardly written a thing in the past couple of months. Yes, it's driving me absolutely batshit crazy. Yet, I can't seem to pull myself out of the rut. It's a pretty deep one and for some reason I'm content to sit down at the bottom of it and do nothing.

Not that I'm completely out of it. I'm doing my job every day. I'm trying to get cleaning done on a regular basis at home. I'm constantly drumming up ideas for stories. Some things that are keeping me stuck is that I'm not writing and research that I'm doing is more like hitting a brick wall. 

I'm trying to go back to basics. Write a little something every day, like this post here. The simple fact is that I am someone who absolutely has to write on a regular basis or end up in some kind of state mental institution. It doesn't matter what I write, whether it be a blog post or a 30,000 word story, it has to be something. Unfortunately for me, since it can be pretty much anything to help me relieve stress, anger, or some other unlucky emotion that chose to visit me, that means I tend to let things go fallow.

It's a good thing I don't have a garden. (I have a hard enough time caring for two plants. I keep having to replace my orchids, which makes me sad. Even though I follow the care instructions they seem to have no care to grow back the next season. However the jade tree looks amazing.)

I started touching my 750 words account again. Once again I promised myself I would write there every single day again when the new month starts. While I haven't signed up for a 30-day challenge, perhaps I should. The fact that if I didn't complete my words each day meant that I would end up on the Wall of Shame just might kick my ass into gear.

I like that it doesn't matter what I write there since no one will see it, not even me, unless I download the files and start combing through them (which I have previously to see if there are any story ideas locked away in there that I can utilize).

If you are like me right now, remember the baby steps. I have them memorized. Start slow, start little, write every thought that comes to mind. Do it every single day. Something will come from it. Now go, get off of here and write your own stuff down. 

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