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aboutmepic.jpgI thought it was time for an update of the About Me page. Some things have changed, while others have not. I still love to read and write; this time around, I am trying to finish things. I am mostly focusing on short stories in a series. I feel that if I can finish the short stories (which at this time are severely short - 5,000 - 10,000 words) that it will help me produce an actual novel length story worth reading.

There hasn't been much activity happening here at Disillusioned. In addition, once again, I have wiped all the posts. Not literally, they are simply in draft mode. I haven't yet decided if they will reappear.

There have been many changes in my world over the past couple of years. The Little Lady is in college and she is doing incredibly well. I'm extremely proud of her. I have taken a couple of online writing classes. One was quite enjoyable and I feel that I learned how to rekindle my relationship with my muse. The other one... I wasn't all that enticed with it so I didn't do the work but I did print out all the lesson material for future use.

My video game of choice lately has been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Stressful day? Go kill some bad guys. With a sword. Hack and slash until they beg for mercy and then finish them off. Besides, I couldn't pass up buying the game after such rave reviews from two people I adore when it went on sale for less than eleven bucks.

I'm now working (at the same company) as a web coordinator. I have finally moved from the congested cube-land area to a desk in an office with two other ladies. We get along wonderfully and annoy people buy making it quite warm in our office. It entertains us and we are warm in our office, so that's what matters.

When I'm not working, I'm trying to get the cat (pictured with me above) to stop lying on my right arm so that I can write. Yes, I should write at the desk area I cleaned up but the Little Lady has commandeered that area as her study spot. And I have no desire to reclaim it as mine.

I've been somewhat blogging my writing endeavors and experiences and random tidbits of things I have learned over at wed.sweetly-evil.org (Write Every Day). I have finally defeated my 14-day streak over at 750words.com. It only took several years to pull that one off (and it literally happened yesterday, December 14th). I still tweet on a semi-regular basis, but mostly I retweet whatever takes my fancy at the moment or suits my mood. 

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Disillusioned is a personal view of the world around me. A lot of information will be about books I read, or shows/movies I watch but sometimes there will be something that simply has to be pointed out and shredded. With Joy.

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Yeah, that's me! I am 25 37, I live in Ohio. I have one beautiful teenage daughter and one lovable cat. I enjoy writing, reading, television, anime and annoying my daughter. I'm also trying to learn Japanese because I want to visit Japan someday. Yes, I'm over 30 and I like anime, do you have an issue with that?

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