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Altered Design

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If you follow my graphic/design/etc blog then you know that I tend to post all of my graphics over there.  Here is a link to one I did from Planet Photoshop over the weekend: Misc: Photoshop Tutorial and I decided to alter it slightly.  I don't want to post it over there, it might be too much.  So here it is for you and I know you'll get the point. 


(Click to Enlarge) - I felt this is much more my style.  There are some alterations other than the text, though, such as adding a halftone to the boxes.  I meant to add them to the gradient but that wasn't working.  I also changed the blend mode on that layer to linear or vivid light.  Have a great day. 
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Working Logo

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Every once in awhile a good friend contacts me to do a little graphic design for him on behalf of a customer.  I enjoy creating and lately I may not have been badgered all that roughly by my muse to do much of anything creative but I feel that if I play around in Photoshop or play around on Pinterest I might find something to inspire me.
So I agreed to do this logo for him for a local company in his home state. (When everything is said and done everything will go up on Exquisite, by the way.) He sends me their current artwork via email and it's this cute little line drawing with text stating the company's name.  I about died At first I was completely flabbergasted as to what to do with this little line drawing, especially since the size is not all that big enough to really do much with it.  
I started by cleaning up some of the lines and then copied the layer and changed the blend ode to overlay in order to make it darker. Doing just that helped quite a bit, it looked much cleaner.  Still, anytime I zoomed in to work on it the amount of degradation was crazy.  It's a small logo and it's going to be on their website so I suppose it doesn't have to be all that large, right? I'm working with circular text, which I'm loving how it's turning out.  I'm also going to work on a banner logo in case they'd prefer a header instead.
I plan to have Little Lady redraw the logo in a larger version since she saw it and wanted to color it.  Since she isn't able to draw digitally at this time (she said it, not me) she can draw a larger version, color it, then we'll scan it and see how it turns out. I think whatever she does with it will turn out amazing.  
I think the one Professor for my Web Design truly challenged me when he told me he didn't think I could pull of creating an ad with a black background. When the final version was turned in he was truly impressed.  To this day I do whatever it takes to challenge myself when creating graphics.  From the most simplest of images to the most complex designs, I try to put all the emotion and thought I can into each project.  I learn a lot from tutorials over at Planet Photoshop and many other places on the internet.  It makes me glad that there are people out there who willingly share their knowledge with so many others.  Being in a creative field could be considered competitive, but not in the same way as say sports. Each and every person sees each and every thing in the world differently.  This makes it much more interesting to see what comes of their design, no matter what the medium it's created with.  What did you create today?
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cuteoverloadepeanut.jpgEven though I adored the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) layout, I thought for the new year, why not yet another new look?  So introducing the Zen of Disillusioned, inspired by my Zen calendar from 2011.  Each month had beautiful flowers in some beautiful and calming arrangement all up close and personal with one word glowing to help induce calm, tranquility, peace and so forth.  While I enjoyed the sentiment of the calendar it's very hard to find peace when there are little things that irk you through the day.  Especially when they are everyday occurrences. So I thought I'd bring a little zen to Disillusioned and vice versa, give it my own bit of flair.

And I added in this extremely cute photo of Peanut, for which Little Lady yelled at me about since I didn't ask her to sign a release as Peanut's official 'momma' and all.  I told her that I did have one signed and that Peanut took care of it, that the chicken scratch signature looked valid enough to me.  Who was I to know she forged it? 

Starting a new year, starting a new way of doing things. Instead of resolutions, I've decided to change up the word and call them "Motivations".  Instead of resolving to do something I will motivate myself to do them.  This layout didn't take as long as I thought it would.  I think it actually took longer to find the photo than it did to create it.  After I thought it was finished, and possibly going to be a 2 column layout instead of 3, I decided I wanted it to be a 3 column.  I then went looking for something to put in the footer like I always do and found the Japanese Zen Symbol.  After editing that, I saved it again.  I saw how the orchids were reflected in the water and decided to see what it would look like to put a reflection action on Disillusioned.  I changed the opacity to be a little lower than what the action set it at and then saved it again.  Bam, it was done and we shall see what others think of it as well.  Until next time, enjoy!

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Merry Christmas 2011

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I hope everyone has a happy, safe and warm Christmas.  May all your wishes come true this year.



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Recently I made a decision to do just logos and flyers for locals that are interested in my style of design. I don’t mind doing website touch-ups here and there, but from scratch it’s a lot of work and since I already have a job, two full-time jobs is just way too much. However I can’t help making new designs for myself of course, and mostly that’s just swapping out images, changing colors and widths. Easy if you ask me. Since I’ll be swapping over to MovableType5 soon, I’ve decided that Exquisite Designs will be the first to be swapped out. Here’s what the site will look like when I move it:


About Disillusioned

Disillusioned is a personal view of the world around me. A lot of information will be about books I read, or shows/movies I watch but sometimes there will be something that simply has to be pointed out and shredded. With Joy.

Disillusioned is best viewed in 1280x800 resolution.

To contact me you can email me by way of disillusioned at, comments are open for business with approval.


About Chelle

Yeah, that's me! I am 25 37, I live in Ohio. I have one beautiful teenage daughter and one lovable cat. I enjoy writing, reading, television, anime and annoying my daughter. I'm also trying to learn Japanese because I want to visit Japan someday. Yes, I'm over 30 and I like anime, do you have an issue with that?

If you really wish to know even more about how fantastic I truly am, here you go: About Me

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