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aboutmepic.jpg What is there to know? Everyone has an 'about me' page these days, some are simple and some are a complete life story. How about I try for something in between since I tend to do things my own way? 

Many, many moons ago a baby girl was born on St. Patrick's day. That day there wasn't only a blizzard out but also thunder and lightning. It's a shock that her parents didn't take a hint from Mother Nature and kept her anyway. 

She grew up in a small town on about 1 acre of land. Her parents owned a tavern and she was rarely allowed to have friends over (their parents frowned upon the tavern) so she spent most of her time with the family pets which ranged anywhere from bunnies and chickens to a dog to guard the back door and the occasional stray cat that gave birth in a box made up for them (okay so this only happened once) in the apartment (we were never allowed to keep any of the kittens)

 She grew up to have a vivid and wild imagination. She learned to keep her mouth shut (not due to any kind of abuse but it was easier than hearing people yell and scream and fight) and her questions few. To this day she enjoys watching television, reading books, writing when the fancy takes her (though she's never finished a story) and playing video games. Fantasy and Science Fiction (and of course a blend of the two) have always been at the top of her list. It makes her feel like there is more out there, because if there isn't then "We are pretty much fucked." would be the remark to finding out that we are utterly alone and there isn't anything after death. (Please don't send me emails about religion or I'll have my Karma run over your Dogma.)

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in November of 1994, since then her life has been geared toward raising a person who will be a productive member of society. (It's a lot more difficult than you think... you actually have to teach them even when they don't want to learn.)  

The domain name of Sweetly-Evil was chosen because there were some people who had told her 'while you are very sweet generally you have quite an evil streak' and she took it to heart. Each and every day this personality trait is put to good use. The blog name Disillusioned came on a whim one day when she realized that life around her had become full of drama and crazy and full of bat shit crazy drama-filled people who seem to only care about their own needs instead of realizing that their actions affect others like one smile can go around the world in hours and become millions of smiles. 

For some crazy reason she tried to go to school for Accounting and Business Management (because they couldn't let her just take Business Management... ) but due to a car accident (no serious injuries) and a teacher who couldn't teach in a normal manner (teachers trying to relate assignments to life but then get lost somewhere along the way suck and deserve to listen to recordings of themselves teaching in their own personal Hell), she didn't finish. (To this day she hates accounting.) Years Pass... 

After securing a position at an agency that deals in insurance as a receptionist (thanks to her awesome education in Computerized Secretarial Training at the Area JVS she attended for two years) she decided to try going back to school for Web Design and graduated (with a 20K Diploma) from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division in March of 2007. Since then she's decided that she prefers making Logos, Twitter Backgrounds, and Advertising Postcards or Posters. In whatever spare time not playing Office Assistant 8 hours a day she's doing things like learning new ways to manipulate graphics in Photoshop, attempting to learn more than "Watashi no name wa Chelle" in Japanese (My name is Chelle - but I'll probably go by Saiyuri if I ever go to Japan- Little Lily) and making attempts to have a cleaner home.  Each day she gets out of bed to face the day, to try to find the positive in the little things because she's afraid she might do something stupid (like make the walls bleed) and end up in a padded cell with a hug-yourself jacket.

You can find her displayed work (personal and professional) at http://exquisite.sweetly-evil.org. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment or you can email me by way of disillusioned at this domain name.

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