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Review: Simple

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Thanks to Klout I earned a perk from Simple (at the time they were only in the UK but I believe they are now available in the US).  The products that I received were the makeup removal wipes and the replenishing moisturizer.  I really love the fact that I not only got free samples but they were full size samples.  It took a couple of weeks to get them since they were coming from the UK.  My daughter opened the package right away when she got home and texted me that they were here and she was so excited.

She's usually the guinea pig when it comes to anything and everything makeup/hair/food... yeah.

I have a hard time finding makeup removing wipes that don't want to remove a layer of skin with them.  Simple products are for sensitive skin, which both Little Lady and I have for the most part.  Use the wrong product and we break out pretty quick and it's such a pain to hide.  The wipes removed most of my makeup.  Even though they say they remove waterproof mascara, there is always the factor that sometimes you have to use a secondary product.  When I was wearing Collossal by Maybelline, the wipes took it off pretty damn good.  I switched to Falsies (also by Maybelline) recently and it has a harder time of taking it off.  No problem though, I always have some other way of removing it.  The reason I liked these wipes is because I didn't feel like I had just scraped off a layer of skin.  The replenishing moisturizer helped after the wipes as well.

When we received the Simple samples we both started using the moisturizer right away.  We had recently bought Ponds BioHydrate and she realized that it was breaking her out every time she used it.  I didn't think it was breaking me out and I was using it twice a day.  Switching to the Simple for a week and then trying out the BioHydrate made me realize that it was breaking me out as well.  I also love the fact that there is no scent.  I prefer only smelling my deodorant and body spray, not the products I put on my face or in my hair (which with hair products it's almost inevitable...).  It actually freaked me out for a little while that there wasn't any smell associated with it, just a scent of nothing really.  I mean, it had a scent that told you it was moisturizer or lotion but no defining flowery smell.  And the non-scent wasn't heavy or noticeable at all.  

I really do enjoy the Simple products that I received and if I can find them here in the good ole USA I'll price check them and see if I can afford them.  If I can, then I'll definitely be using them and if you have sensitive skin, you might want to give them a try as well.  

(This is a non-profit post and my samples really were totally and completely free.)
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Hot Cocoa Faerie

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I happen to have a love of hot cocoa. Especially at work where our free drinks are coffee, tea, water and more coffee. I have my coffee at home and (to be honest) can’t stand the coffee at work. It’s way too bitter and unless I take flavored creamer it’s just too much. Plus, I don’t really care to have more than the coffee I have before work. Otherwise I’m ready to collapse around 3 in the afternoon.

I asked my supervisor and the receptionist about ordering cocoa, and when we do order it, to order more than 2 boxes at a time (because we order it when we order coffee and two boxes of cocoa doesn’t compare to the huge box of coffee we get). My supervisor didn’t think it would be an issue and the receptionist said she would ask. I also emailed the person in charge of ordering it to find out if it would be an issue. I mean.. it’s cocoa!

After covering the front desk, getting sucked into a meeting to be told we had another meeting scheduled on Thursday and to ask any questions needing answers I decided to take lunch. Since I had already eaten lunch while covering the front desk I decided to utilize that time for personal computer time (reading and replying to personal email; posting about NaNoBloMo) and what did I find at my desk? A personal box of Swiss Miss Rich Hot Cocoa mix on my desk. My. Own. Box. For work we order the 60 count boxes. But THIS was extra special because it was Mine. And because it was Rich, not milk!

I heart my cocoa faerie, wherever they may be. (And yes, I did thank the faerie!)

Lovely Ladies Lunch

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Since springtime myself and a few coworkers and a mutual friend have been going to lunch each month. We put the time on our calendar and put extra time in because most of us only get a half an hour for lunch. The first lunch started out with four of us and we spent an entire hour laughing so hard not only were we crying but we were also in a bit of pain afterwards. We were able to discuss things outside of work and let loose, get to know each other better and have a good time.

We choose different places to go; anywhere from the food court at Eastwood Mall to Applebee’s and Olive Garden. We all tried Fuddrucker’s together as well. Over time we’ve had a few other people join us. Usually there are at least 6 of us together. All but one of us work in the same office, and while we see each other there each day it’s not all fun and games. So our monthly luncheon gives us a time to leave it behind for a little bit.

One of the ladies thought it might be fun to interview a person at each lunch (that person gets to choose where to eat), to get to know them better, to give each of us a new way to look at this person and say “I know you”. Each time we’ve asked questions ranging from how did you meet your husband to if you could have any job in the world what would it be and many others that end up with all of us sharing stories, jokes and lots of laughter.

Today I was asked about several different things such as ‘what kind of traits would I like in a man’ (I’m the only truly single gal in the group) which I answered with “A guy who is capable of doing laundry…” and went into how it seemed as if each relationship ended up with me always cleaning up after someone because ‘they didn’t know how to do it’ or they just had no time to help because they were too busy playing a game. Now I’m not a neat freak but I don’t think it’s fair if I’m the only one cleaning when more than one person is making a mess.

Anyway, I think this would be a great thing for more women to do. Take some time every month to reconnect when others, whether they be coworkers or friends, whether you’re a career woman outside the home or a work/stay at home mother.

When the weather gets a little nasty out, which it always does in Ohio when winter is approaching, we plan to have our get together at the office in the lunch room. It should be interesting to see what happens if someone walks in on our little gathering and hears something that we were talking about. Our conversations can get a little steamy sometimes, but it’s all in good fun.

Another plan we’re having is to get together for a girl’s drinking night. When we do that I think I’ll take the board game “Last Word” with me. I think it will provide all kinds of interesting fun while drinking!

Time to go look at your list of friends you want to know more about and make a date with them. Go ahead, you’ll not regret it. Later.

Bobble Bobble Part 2

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So the Little Lady has fully tested her Bobble and is extremely happy with it. She can keep it in her purse without worrying about it leaking all over her stuff. It’s fairly sturdy and she can drink out of it easily. She uses it all the time. I have a feeling I’ll be buying a new filter for it in 2 months, give or take.

I enjoy mine, too. I like that I can set it on my bed and not worry about it spilling so that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night for water. Especially now since I’m taking Mucinex for this damn head cold. It seriously does help, by the way. The only issue is that you have to drink enough water to kill a camel to keep hydrated. Well, my Bobble comes in handy for that. Except when I’m really seriously dried out and I can’t seem to get enough. Then I get up and get a glass of water to guzzle down. (This stuff seriously dehydrates you!)

They are easy to drink out of, but I feel it’s harder for me. I squeeze and suck (yeah I know, but what other word do you want me to use?) at the same time in order to feel like I am getting something out of it. For a drink here and there, no problem, but when you’re taking something that dehydrates you, it’s too slow. I’ll be taking it to work with me anyway. I do enjoy it.

They are a touch expensive if you ask me, 10 bucks for an 18.5 ounce bottle that comes with a filter. The replacement filters are around 7 bucks each. So basically you’re paying for a reusable bottle that filters tap water. If your work place doesn’t utilize a water cooler or other filtration system, this will help you increase your water intake big time. The Little Lady drinks two of these a day, plus she gets water from food and juice, so you can see how much it’s helped.

Our recommendation would be if you know you aren’t getting enough water and you don’t have access to filtered water at work or your faucet doesn’t take a Pur or Brita water system (or you don’t want to pay for them either) that the Bobble would be helpful to your plight of getting filtered water from almost any tap. Later.

Bobble Bobble

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The Little Lady and I will be reviewing the new Bobble water bottles. If you haven’t heard of them they come with a filter and filter the water as you drink it. They are supposed to be good for 2 months or 40 gallons, depending on how much you use them through the day (and probably what size you get). We bought the medium ones which hold 18.5 ounces.

After reading the reviews about them the Little Lady decided she’d like to have one for school so she could just refill them at the water fountain or in the restroom. We’ll be reviewing them on several points:

1. Do they leak?
2. Are they sturdy?
3. How does the water taste?

Stay tuned!

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