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Oh wow, I get the comments working and the captcha working and what the fuck? I'm getting spam comments through the fucking roof.  So I test the captcha. It's working just fine. So you're telling me that there are people out there who are going around captcha protected sites and commenting spammy comments? Are they doing this for money? Give me a break...

However, I enjoy this a smidge, but just the bare minimum smidge, mind you. I think they learned that I remove the URL they use, then  I remove their email and so they started putting a URL as their name on top of that. Hello, my name is NOT St00pid. I put "Removed" as their name. So, enjoy. Feel free to blast and bash the spammy commenters.  

Have a great day!


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When someone tells me something in *confidentiality* I actually like to keep it that way.  Sometimes I'll gossip and say I overheard something but I won't indicate who I heard it from and won't state the actual words that were said but paraphrase it.  Also, that's generally work-related stuff and I want verification on something from another person.  Usually it's me asking a question about something in particular about whatever I heard to find out from others if there is a Drop of Truth in the Bucket of Rumors Full of Holes.  What irks me is the whole inquisition about who I heard something from.  Then they tell me who they heard something from and usually it's the same person.  I just want to know 'is this true?' not 'who is spreading what'.

So it irritates me.  If you tell me something in confidence there's no need for me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Hell, I can even pretend to be surprised if someone else you told tells me the secret you shared with them.  Also, I'll probably forget it a few hours later as my mind gets muddled with other things that are going on around me, in my personal life, etc.  It goes into the vault.  The vault is so full of cobwebs from how rarely I visit it that nothing gets out.  Now if you refresh my memory it'll all come flooding back and then retreat back into the depths of darkness that is my mind shortly after that.  

I had a new close friend share something with me and while it was weighing on me a little bit I felt good because I was there for her to listen to what she had to say, give her my thoughts on the topic and help her figure out what direction to go in.  She is also friends with others at work and I mentioned to someone 'maybe send her a happy or a funny email to cheer her up a bit' and they immediately had to know why she was down.  I told them I couldn't say, I was sworn to secrecy and then moved onto something else.  It isn't my place to share secrets.  I don't care for rumors, they cause drama and problems and the whole 'they said this and they said that' which causes everyone to become angry, confused, hurt and then everything starts falling apart.  

I just can't understand why private things can't remain private.  This is why I don't tell anyone anything.  No one truly knows who I am deep down inside.  Some people know I write erotica, most people don't know even that about me.    And if I know that you tend to tell others about everything you hear then I will not share any of my deep dark secrets with you.  You'll only ever hear how I want to make the walls bleed and who pissed me off.  All you'll see is how angry I always am and hear about the latest book I'm reading or the funny tweet I read earlier.  But you'll never know who I am because if I can't trust you with a secret then you have no right to know who I am.  And unlike Eminem, I am not who you say I am.  I'm just me, a supposedly quiet introvert who has few friends and many acquaintances.

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So there is this local business that has a double sign hanging on their building and on each side they put pithy sayings that are supposed to make you think about how you are treating yourself and others or the world in general. Sometimes they are religious and sometimes not.  Sometimes they come out of a book and sometimes people will rent the sign to congratulate someone.  The other day I noticed that one of the sayings were "Use kind words, they are hard to resent" or somewhere along those lines.

It made me think.  I work very hard at being nice to people (which I say very often, I know, but I can't seem to make enough of a point there) and I know that other people can be kind as well.  A lot of times I notice that when I do say nice or kind things to people who I really do actually like they give me these 'yeah whatever' remarks back.  It's hard for me to be nice to people I would rather be hitting in the face with a 2x4 so I generally get a little miffed if someone I actually like can't just say 'oh gee thanks' or 'how nice of you to notice' or whatever appropriate response there happens to be.

This sort of thing happens more and more often and then I realized that to people I dislike I do that to.  So what am I supposed to think?  Do the people I like and don't have a hard time being complimentary to dislike me when they put off the comments I say in a way that sounds as if they are putting themselves down?  

Other days I wonder if those of us who simply hate people are another species entirely and just don't know it.  That is all.  Go forth and ponder the kind words you say and receive, grasshoppers. 
So I created a new category.  It's called "Pet Peeves".  

There is someone who repeatedly apologizes over and over again about something simple and stupid and it just drives me to want to beat them in the head with a stick until they can't do anything more than twitch their pinky finger.

It doesn't make any difference to me if you are running late.  Especially since you were nice enough to let me know that you were running late.  So when I come to take over there is no need to apologize over something like doing your job when someone is trying to purchase something and you have to give them details and put your stuff away before the switch.  It actually makes things take twice as long because you stop to apologize about it.

It annoys me.  It really has to stop and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who thinks so.  One apology is enough if needed.  Otherwise, don't apologize.  Take care of the customer or work or whatever is making you run late and then get ready to go.  Then go.

That is all.

Side note: The only thing that annoys me more than someone not apologizing is someone who apologizes repeatedly for something that doesn't even require one.

Now go enjoy your day and start snapping your wrist every time you start to apologize profusely.
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