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Let Them Eat (Pan)Cake

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pancake.jpgNormally I wouldn't touch breakfast with a ten foot pole. Not because I don't like food, because damn, I so love food. I rarely eat before 10am and sometimes when I do it upsets my stomach.  So I tend to stick to my milk/flavored creamer/sugar filled coffee.  For whatever reason it doesn't upset my stomach in the least.  

Today the Little Lady brought the pancake box in and yelled at me in Spanish (which I understand hardly anything of) asking if I wanted pancakes.  I said no, then she yelled at me, again, in Spanish.  So I acquiesced.  I know, I surrendered, it rarely happens so mark your calendar for this momentous event.

I asked for two small pancakes.  These two small pancakes were what I was given.  I had to take a photo of them.  Aren't they just the most perfect pancakes you've ever seen?  They were damn delicious, too.  I think she added cinnamon and vanilla to the batter.  Normally I don't take butter on my pancakes but she put it on there anyway.  No problem though, I wolfed them down with no issues.  Now I sit here enjoying my coffee.  Today is going to be a fantastic day.  I hope yours will be as well.  

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Photo of the Day

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Goodmorning, there.  I thought since I didn't really like the last photos I took for profile pics I'd take one this morning and see how it turned out.  Not too sure about my eye makeup but otherwise I think it looks alright.  I hope each of you have a fabulous friday and an even better weekend. 

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Peanut Pics

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I thought I would take the time to show you these absolutely adorable photos of our domesticated feline Peanut... and all the wonderful things she does.  This is her sleeping in her bed, which I had to bribe her with catnip to do:


This is the bed we bought her forever ago, probably a few months after we got her actually.  Since she never ever slept in it and basically looked at us like "Why would I sleep in that thing when I can sleep in your bed whenever the hell I want?"  So I started bribing her by sprinkling catnip over the bed.  She'd snuffle and rub and roll around and lick the nip and then curl up and pass out in a drugged catnippy haze.

Recently I caught her curled up on the pillow-pet Panda that I acquired one day at work. (Don't ask.) You could see her, see the panda, but not quite tell where one ended and the other started in the white areas.  

By the way, you'll have to forgive the quality of these photos as they were taken with my cell phone because there aren't any batteries currently residing in my camera.  There were other needs for those batteries, like the remote control for the Wii or the remote for the tv needed changed.  I can't remember which now, but let's just say one of the things I'll be buying with some of my tax refund (if it ever gets here) will be some rechargeable batteries.  The ones I bought over 3 years ago are almost completely nonchargeable at this point.

Here's another photo of Peanut lying across my legs from the other night.  A friend of mine said I had made him cry (I keep teasing him that he has to send Peanut a 'child support check' since he thinks she's so cute and it hasn't gotten here yet.) I told him that Peanut had given up on ever getting her Kitty Support and has therefore decided to beg me for whatever she can get in return for keeping me warm.

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That's our Peanut.. some days I think she forgets that she is supposed to beg her momma (Little Lady) for food, water, clean litter and love.  Then she pulls this cuteness crap on me and I end up taking photos of her and petting her and talking to her in a cutesy voice that would annoy even the most sweetest person in the universe.

I have to boot her off of my bed on a regular basis when I go to bed, sometimes twice in one night, because instead of sleeping (because she gets around 16 hours a day...) she wants to cuddle and purr right in your face all night long.  Only one time has this cat slept the night through in bed, at my feet, and I think that night she was possessed by the ghost of my cat, Velvet, when it happened.

Alright, you may go away from the cuteness of it all now and find your own furry fluffy animal and snuggle, pet, kiss and talk cutesy to it so it knows that you love him or her.  Make sure you give over some snacks, too, all animals need a little extra snacks during the winter for having to put up with us being stuck in the house more often with them (on those really bad days we absolutely refuse to go anywhere).  Goodnight all!
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Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween from the Goddess of Love. Be safe!

Chocolate Shake Blues

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realshake.jpg Do you know these? The absolutely delicious and even cute shakes from McDonald’s? I’m sure if you aren’t lactose-intolerant or avoid fast food like the plague you’ve seen them (perhaps even in a commercial). After the day I had yesterday and started having today I decided a nice McCafe Chocolate Shake is exactly what the day called for. That’s not what I got. Want to see what I got? It might break your heart.

shake3.jpg When they gave me a shake, it was vanilla. I checked my receipt, yes I did order Chocolate, and said sorry, I ordered chocolate, not vanilla. This is the second time they’ve had some major screw ups (and I still haven’t gotten anything for free). So they remade it and gave me this. Do you see this? Does this look like that picture up there? No. They used to look like that though. I’m not entirely sure why they don’t now. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chocolate shake there. It’s a huge deal when I get a shake…

Here are some other photos. shake2.jpgshake1.jpg Look in there. All I see is vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate syrup and some whipped cream melted in there. It’s a lump of vanilla ice cream. They didn’t even blend the shake. I don’t know if they are getting lazy or if this particular restaurant is trying to push the smoothies instead of the milkshakes. Either way, I told them I wouldn’t be ordering them from there any longer. Their loss, my sadness. Later.

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